Resetting the Arduino Yun

The Arduino Yun have three reset buttons. One for the Arduino part, one for the Linux part and one for the wifi. The last one can also be used to restore factory defaults on the Linux part of the Yun. In the following I will go through the functionality of the three reset buttons makes with orange circles bellow and named: “Wifi Reset”, “32U4 Reset” and “LININO Reboot”.



WIFI Reset

This button has two functions. One is to reset the WIFI configuration, the other to reset the entire Arduino Yún into its factory defaults.

1. To reset WIFI configuration of the Yun, you need to press and hold the “WIFI reset” button for 5 seconds. When you press the button the WLAN blue LED will start to blink and will keep still blinking when you release the button after 5 seconds indicating that the WiFi restore procedure has been recorded. This will put the WIFI configuration of the Yún into default factory configuration. This means that the WIFI of the Yún will now be in access point mode (AP) and assign to it the default IP address that is When the Yún is done resetting into factory defaults connect with your computer (or any other WIFI enabled device) to the a WiFi network that appear with the SSID name “Arduino Yun-XXXXXXXXXXXX”, where the twelve ‘X’ are the MAC address of your Yún. Now you can start to reconfigure the WIFI settings of your Yún.

2. From time to time it is necessary to reset the Arduino Yún into its default mode. Normally I would highly recommend this when you get your hand on a new Yún. To make a complete reset of the Linux environment of the Yún, you are going to press and hold the “WIFI reset” button for 30 seconds. This will initiate the reset procedure and you will have to wait a minute or so for the Yún to come online again. Resetting the Linux environment of the Yún completely into the factory defaults means, that all programs, code, files etc you have either installed or saved on the on-board flash memory Yún will be deleted. This process will also reset the WIFI configuration into its defaults.

32U4 Reset

This is the reset button for the Arduino part of the Yún. You can reset this with out resetting the Linux environment, however, you will loos the bridge between the Linux environment and the Arduino environment while the Arduino is resetting.


This is the same as you know from reboot of you PC. When pushing this button the Linux Environment will reset, and after 30-60 secounds the Linux environment and WIFI will be up and running again. With this process you will not loos anything that is stored on the on-board flash memory for the Linux environment, however, you will loos things stored in RAM that is not saved.